Hair Care Treatments

Dull, split, thin, brittle, and unhealthy hair is not a verdict today. The beauty salon professionals in Warsaw offer innovative products, care, and procedures for professional treatment.

Types of Hair Restoration Procedures

Restoration is a complex of caring procedures designed to address various problems. It is intended for the reconstruction of damaged hair, prevention of hair loss, or treatment of the scalp. It helps to eliminate root greasiness, dryness, and split ends. It adds volume, thickness, fullness, and shine. For deep restoration of damaged hair, products that affect not only the external part of the hair but also its roots are used. This comprehensive approach allows restoring shine, smoothness, and elasticity.

Let's take a closer look at ways to solve different problems.

Treatment of Split Ends

Treatment of dry split ends in a beauty salon in Warsaw can be done in several ways:

  • Lamination. A special composition is applied to the entire length, enveloping the hair cuticles. As a result, each strand is covered with a microfilm that protects them from negative effects. The effect lasts up to 6 weeks, and the procedure can be repeated as needed.
  • Screening. It is a variation of lamination, but in this case, the composition not only envelops the hair from the outside but also nourishes them from within.
  • Hot scissor haircut. The best solution for long hair, allowing you to "seal" the ends.
  • Hot wrapping. It affects both the external and internal parts of the hair, allowing you to seal the cuticles. It is recommended in combination with a "hot" haircut.
  • Biosealing. The ends are "sealed" with a composition containing a ceramide complex and natural extracts. These beneficial substances fill in damage, nourish, and strengthen.
  • Keratin treatment. Treatment with a keratin composition that penetrates the hair structure, nourishing and filling damaged areas.
  • Vaporization. The effect of steam, which opens the cuticle and ensures deep penetration of therapeutic and nourishing substances.
  • Mesotherapy. One of the most effective methods of treating split ends. It involves the introduction of biologically active substances into the scalp using an ultra-thin needle. These substances nourish the roots and prevent split ends.

Keratin Hair Lamination for Fine Hair

Lamination is recommended for those with fine, weakened, split, dull, unruly, or colored hair. There are several types of procedures that differ in the composition of the applied products. They contain keratin, vitamins, proteins, extracts of medicinal plants, and various beneficial substances. The optimal treatment is determined by the hairdresser after assessing the condition of the hair. The treatment consists of several stages. First, the master selects a deep cleansing shampoo to remove dust, oil, and cosmetics. Then, on slightly dried hair, a polymer composition is applied with a special brush, and a special cellophane cap is worn. The head is heated for about 15 minutes using a climazon or heat cap. The hair is then washed again with a nourishing shampoo, conditioner or balm is applied, and styling is done.

Advantages of Lamination:

  • Instant Effect: The restoration results are visible immediately and can last up to 6 weeks.
  • Versatility: Lamination can be combined with coloring and other therapeutic procedures.
  • Color Enhancement: The treatment locks in the hair color, making it more vibrant.
  • Volume: Hair becomes thicker along its length, visually appearing about 10-15% denser.
  • Protection: The treatment protects hair from mechanical damage, dry air, saltwater, frost, sunlight, and other environmental factors.
  • Safety: The formulations have no strong or unpleasant odor, making them safe to use even during pregnancy. They do not oversaturate the hair, so the procedure can be performed as often as needed.

As a result of this treatment, hair becomes free from breakage and dryness, split ends are eliminated, and the color becomes bright and vibrant. Hair looks healthy, well-groomed, smooth, manageable, and retains its length.

Procedure for Straightening Curly Hair

There are several methods for straightening curly hair. The optimal technology is chosen based on the hair's structure and the desired duration of the effect.

Among the various methods, four of the most popular and effective ones are:

  1. Thermal Straightening: This is a short-term smoothing method. After thorough hair washing, a special serum is applied, and the hair is straightened using a flat iron or a special heated brush. The result of this procedure lasts for approximately 3 days, and the "mirror" smoothness remains until the next wash. While it doesn't provide a long-lasting effect, hot straightening has additional advantages. Most importantly, it does not involve harmful chemical compositions. This allows individuals to change their hairstyle frequently, going from curly to straight and back.
  2. Permanent (Chemical) Straightening: This method is similar to a perm but performed in the opposite direction.

The hairdresser applies a moisturizing product to the hair, followed by a chemical solution.

The chemical solution may contain:

  • Ammonium thioglycolate: The mildest option, suitable for slightly wavy hair.
  • Ammonium bisulfite: A more effective solution, suitable for moderately curly hair.
  • Sodium hydroxide: The most powerful composition, suitable for very curly hair.

After leaving the chemical solution on the hair for 15-20 minutes, it is completely rinsed. Hair strands are treated with a fixing agent to enhance the effect and a neutralizer to restore the normal structure. The hair is washed again, and styling is done using a blow dryer and a comb. The advantage of this straightening method is its long-lasting effect. Hair remains straight permanently, and its structure does not revert over time. However, newly grown hair will still be curly.

  1. Bio-Protein Straightening: This method, similar to permanent straightening, changes the hair structure but with a shorter duration of up to 6 months. In a beauty salon, a hair specialist applies a composition based on amino acids, collagen, and vitamins to each strand. After achieving the desired reaction, it is rinsed, and each strand is straightened with a flat iron. A special fixative is applied to extend the effect. Despite the shorter duration, bio-straightening does not cause any harm since it does not contain formaldehyde or its derivatives. It is suitable for hair of any curliness level, from light waves to tight curls. It is even effective on very coarse, hard-to-straighten ethnic hair. Amino acids revive dull, colored, and lifeless hair, resulting in health, shine, and absolute smoothness.
  2. Keratin (Brazilian) Straightening: The result of this straightening is similar to bio-smoothing and lasts up to 5 months, but different formulations are used in the process. A professional shampoo is used to thoroughly clean the hair. A special keratin-based product is applied to the hair, dried with a hairdryer, and then subjected to hot iron treatment to "seal" the composition into each hair strand. Afterward, the hair is lightly moistened with water, and a strengthening mask is applied and rinsed out. The final step is moisturizing and styling. This technique not only smoothens but also restores damaged hair, giving it shine and silkiness, increasing density and volume, and enhancing the effect of coloring.

Book for hair care treatments

Prices for hair care & treatment
Hair length
Orising care ampoule 80 zł
Braé care ampoule 110 zł
Scalp SPA scrub by Kevin Murphy 130 zł
Lebel scalp peeling 100 zł
Orising scalp peeling 80 zł
Braé Bond Angel hair color protection 130 zł
Olaplex hair color protection 130 zł
Lebel Happy Coloring Protection 130 zł
Dr.Sorbie Vita Fluid Oil Complex (additional to hair colouring) 120 zł
Hair reconstruction by Olaplex 260 zł
Absolute hair happiness by Lebel 290 zł
Ritual "Moisture under the lock" by Lebel 160 zł
Tokio Inkarami hair recovery 290 zł
Hair reconstruction by Braé Revival 190 zł
Full hair ritual by Oribe 250 zł
Full care by Braé Bond Angel 260 zł
Dr.Sorbie Anti Frizz 190 zł
Dr. Sorbie SPA 240 zł
Dr.Sorbie VITA-Lamination 240 zł
Keratin hair straightening Brazilian Blowout 650 zł
Hair biocurl perm 600 zł
Mirror hair straightening 1 200 zł