Facial Massage

Facial massage is an integral part of self-care. Gentle manual manipulation of the face promotes youthful skin by enhancing blood circulation. Clients at PIED-DE-POULE salons who have already used this service achieve a fresh complexion, reduced puffiness, and fewer fine lines.

Types and Techniques of Facial Massages

In modern cosmetology, three main facial massage techniques are distinguished:

  • Classic, with stroking and kneading.
  • Plastique, performed with firm pressure.
  • Pinch (Jacque's massage), mainly used as a therapeutic massage.

These techniques and combinations of techniques are used in various types of massages such as classic, chiropractic, myofascial, lymphatic drainage, etc. The type of massage is chosen by the specialist based on the client's specific concerns.

Facial massages can be categorized based on their effects as follows:

  • Myofascial: Aimed at relaxing facial muscles, releasing tension, and restoring connective tissues.
  • Lymphatic Drainage: Accelerates toxin removal, reduces swelling, prevents sagging, and restores a healthy complexion.
  • Rejuvenating: Targets fine lines, facial contouring, and stimulates collagen production.
  • Toning: Tones the skin and improves its turgor.

Manual techniques can also be combined with machine-based methods such as myostimulation and microcurrents.

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Classic Facial Massage

This massage is performed using special creams or massage oils. It is highly beneficial when:

  • The skin is showing signs of aging.
  • Facial muscles have lost their tone.
  • The skin is dehydrated and lacks a healthy color.

Classic facial massage is also effective against fine lines and serves as a preventive measure against aging.

Plastique Facial Massage

Plastique facial massage is recommended for the following conditions:

  • Thin, sagging skin lacking tone.
  • Skin sagging due to sudden weight loss.
  • Swelling and expression lines.

Intense pressure helps eliminate excess moisture, stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, revitalizes thin and unhealthy skin, and improves turgor. A well-executed plastique facial massage can be compared to injection procedures in terms of results.

Jacque's Pinch Massage

Deep pinching and vibrational effects are suitable for:

  • Residual effects after acne breakouts.
  • Infiltrates, comedones, and scars.
  • Clients with thick epidermis.

Jacque's pinch massage is also performed after facial cleansing, both manually and using ultrasound. It enhances blood circulation, promotes skin elasticity, and stimulates collagen production.

The Effect of Facial Massage

Facial massage, like any other body massage, has a very beneficial impact on the condition of the skin. However, it's important to understand that the effectiveness of these procedures depends on the age of the individual. In the 25-30 age range, the results of a facial massage course will manifest as a natural healthy complexion and improved skin elasticity. In the 45-50 age range, the changes in skin condition after massage will be more pronounced. In any case, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Improved blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, leading to better toxin and waste product removal, as well as improved nutrient delivery to the facial tissues.
  • Increased collagen production.
  • Reduction in puffiness and stagnant conditions, with the face contour becoming more defined and the skin tightening.
  • Enhanced skin elasticity and the smoothing of fine lines.
  • Normalization of sebum production, regulating the pH balance of the skin's surface.

The result of all these massage techniques is healthy and toned skin, allowing individuals to appear youthful regardless of their chronological age. When this procedure is performed regularly by an experienced and qualified specialist, the results are quite noticeable.

Indications and Contraindications for Facial Massage

While each type of facial massage has its specific indications and contraindications, they can be summarized in a universal list.

Typical contraindications for facial massage of any kind include:

  • Infectious diseases or fever.
  • Open wounds, scratches, or burns on the skin.
  • Dermatitis or herpes outbreaks.
  • An abundance of moles on the face; it's advisable to consult a dermatologist in such cases before undergoing the procedure.
  • Cancer.
  • Blood disorders.
  • Facial massage is also incompatible with certain cosmetic procedures, such as dermabrasion, if performed within two weeks.

Clients with thin, sensitive skin and fragile capillaries may experience issues, especially after Jacque's pinch massage. A professional cosmetologist will be attentive and take these factors into account.

Note: Pregnancy and lactation are not contraindications for facial massage. However, if a woman is not feeling well, it's advisable to postpone the procedure.

If we talk about general indications for facial massage, it's worth considering it for anyone who wants to:

  • Improve skin elasticity.
  • Enhance skin texture, even out skin tone, and reduce signs of fatigue.
  • Reduce puffiness, acne scars, and acne.
  • Lift the facial contours.
  • Address a "double chin."

Additionally, facial massage significantly improves mood and well-being, helping to relieve stress.

How Many Facial Massage Sessions Are Needed?

The number of facial massage sessions required depends on age and the extent of existing skin concerns.

For individuals under 40 with no significant skin issues, it's recommended to have 5-7 sessions per year. These are typically spaced 2-3 days apart. Those over 40 are advised to increase the number of sessions to 10-15 per year. The exact program should be determined by a cosmetologist after assessing the client's specific needs.

The duration of each session varies depending on the type of massage. The shortest is the pinch massage, with an average duration of 20 minutes. However, the massage therapist takes into consideration the condition and sensitivity of the skin. The procedure should be stopped as soon as the face starts to redden. Other sessions can take anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour.

Before each session, the cosmetologist carefully removes makeup, cleanses the face, and concludes the procedure with gentle massaging strokes along the massage lines.

For preventive purposes and to maintain the effects between courses of treatment, one session every 1-2 months is sufficient. Facial massage can also be combined with facial cleansing procedures.

At PIED-DE-POULE beauty salons, you'll find highly skilled specialists and excellent service. Entrust us with your beauty and youth, and you won't be disappointed!