Buccal Facial Massage

Buccal facial massage has revolutionized the world of rejuvenating procedures. The result is a real face lift without injections or surgical intervention. The essence of this method involves massaging the muscle fibers from inside the oral cavity. The cosmetologist manually works on each muscle, creating the effect of passive training.

During buccal massage, the specialist performs rather intensive manipulations, which may lead to minimal discomfort.

History of the Method

The technique of facial massage from the inner side was developed by French cosmetologist and biochemist Joëlle Ciocco. At the age of sixty-something, she looks thirty years younger. In numerous interviews, she claims to have never undergone plastic surgery or fillers. Her motto is "Age gracefully."

Joëlle Ciocco prioritizes buccal facial massage as the primary method for preserving youth. She has developed a detailed procedure that involves thorough massaging of every muscle. Many of her students popularize her technique.

You have the opportunity to experience buccal facial massage at our beauty salon. Our professional cosmetologists, trained in the French massage technique, will give you youth and attractiveness for many years.

Buccal Massage Technique

This rejuvenation method falls under the category of sculptural massage techniques. The master massages each muscle, increasing their tone, which, in turn, shapes the contours of the face. "Correct sensations" after buccal facial massage include:

  • If the specialist massages the muscles and tissues correctly, there should be no significant pain, just a slight tingling sensation.
  • After the massage, there should be no bruises or other signs of tissue damage.
  • Professionally performed inner facial massage can lead to a feeling of muscle soreness the next day, which should quickly subside.

The procedure is performed with the client lying down or in another comfortable position. Wearing sterile gloves, the master thoroughly works inside the mouth. The first session usually lasts no more than ten minutes, and the duration can be extended by five minutes in subsequent sessions.