Having beautifully groomed feet with a perfect pedicure is an important part of every woman's image. Modern designers generate a multitude of ideas on how nails on the feet should look. You can get a stylish pedicure. We offer you qualified masters and the best materials.

Why Getting a Pedicure at a Salon is Better?

Many women, and especially men, prefer to take care of their toenails and do pedicures themselves. However, if you entrust your feet to an experienced specialist, you will get at least five advantages:

  1. A salon pedicure is a whole hour of real relaxation with your favorite music or audiobook.
  2. Professional pedicure prevents medical problems like ingrown toenails. Improper nail trimming during home pedicures is the main cause of this issue.
  3. Salon pedicure services ensure complete sterility of instruments and the use of aseptic agents, reducing the risk of infections to zero after trimming.
  4. Gel polish can be applied to the toenails, which can be problematic to do at home since you would need to purchase a UV lamp and a complete set of tools for such a pedicure.
  5. In the salon, you can order additional services such as callus removal, foot massage, paraffin therapy, etc., which significantly improves your well-being and appearance.

Let's take a closer look at the types of nail care you can get at the beauty salon.

Classic Pedicure

A classic pedicure is a traditional method of nail care for which cutting tools are used. The sequence of actions for the master is as follows:

  1. Removal of old coating on the nails.
  2. Correction of the shape and length of the nails. To avoid ingrown nails, they should be trimmed straight.
  3. Nail plates are polished and filed.
  4. Softening the cuticles with a softening agent.
  5. Lifting the cuticles with an orange stick.
  6. Cutting the cuticles with round-tipped manicure scissors. The motion is continuous to avoid burrs.
  7. Massaging oil into the cuticles.

Next, if desired, the master will apply a coating in the chosen design to the nails. It's worth noting that the price for a pedicure without polish is lower than with polish application.

Machine Pedicure

This type of pedicure is better not done on your own. Experienced masters at our salon excel in the technique of machine pedicure. The distinctive part of the procedure is the removal of cuticles and calloused skin using a milling machine with various attachments.

Prices for pedicure
Head master
Partial pedicure 90 zł
Partial pedicure (only fingers) 150 zł
Hygienic pedicure (with feet) 130 zł
Japanese pedicure 170 zł
Pedicure with coating and gel polish removal (with feet) 185 zł
Pedicure with French coating and gel polish removal (with feet) 230 zł
Partial pedicure with gel polish coating and removal (only fingers) 150 zł
Partial pedicure with French coating and gel polish removal (only fingers) 185 zł
Intensive nail repair from Podofarm (pedicure) 240 zł
SPA Podofarm for feet 95 zł
Express SPA Podofarm for feet 70 zł