Nail Airbrushing

Today, nail design in the ombre technique is very popular. With the help of a new device for applying nail polish - an airbrush - achieving such a manicure has become much easier and faster. We'll explain in detail how to work with an airbrush and what possibilities it opens up for enthusiasts of innovative ideas in manicure.

How Does an Airbrush Work?

Nail airbrushing is the process of spraying lacquer under air pressure. The device consists of:

  • Funnel for pouring paint.
  • Nozzle for spraying.
  • Compressor with a hose.

The funnel and nozzle are located on the handle. By pressing the handle, the technician delivers paint to the nozzle. Releasing the lever stops the paint flow.

There are single-action and double-action airbrushes. The first simply deliver paint, while the latter also regulate the thickness of the dispersed flow. A double-action airbrush not only creates a spray, but also allows the technician to adjust line thickness, delineate edges more precisely, and so on.

The kit also includes brushes for cleaning, a pipette for filling the lacquer, solvents, nail art paint in special aerosol cans for disposable or multiple uses.

Materials for Nail Airbrushing

You can get nail airbrushing at our salon. The knowledge and experience of our specialists, combined with quality equipment, guarantee excellent results!

For airbrushing, the manicure master uses:

  • Airbrush.
  • Design paint set.
  • Pipette.
  • Stencils.
  • Stickers for protecting the skin around the nail.
  • Tips for nail extensions.
  • Acid-free primer.
  • Glossy and matte top coats.
  • Buff for natural nail plate treatment.

Traditional tools for cuticle and nail treatment will also be needed, such as tweezers, files, clippers, etc.

Preparation of Nails

Nails need to be prepared beforehand for airbrushing. The technician starts with a regular clean-up, removing calloused skin around the nail, trimming, and filing the nail plate.

Next, the technician applies two layers of base nail polish, treats the cuticles with a fat-containing product to prevent drying, and attaches stickers around the nail to avoid staining the skin with paint.

How Ombre Airbrushing is Done

Manicure with ombre airbrushing consists of the following stages:

  1. Application of base gel polish, followed by curing in the lamp.
  2. Coating with a matte top coat, followed by curing.
  3. Removal of the sticky layer.
  4. The technician loads the airbrush with paint and sprays the first layer of ombre.
  5. Application of the second layer with the airbrush.
  6. After the paint has dried, the nails are coated with a top coat.
  7. Curing and removal of the sticky layer.

The paint is sprayed in thin layers to avoid smudging and achieve a soft color transition.

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