Light makeup

What is light makeup, where and when is it appropriate, and why is it more complicated than it seems?

Light make-up is a skillful play of shades and textures

Light makeup is the artful play of shades and textures. Only a professional can enhance natural beauty without an excess of cosmetics, using high-quality professional products. It is crucial to understand the limit and visualize the final result before beginning the process.

Light makeup is particularly popular among young girls. It doesn't require an abundance of color accents or excessive time, making it reasonably priced. All you need to do is schedule an appointment online or via phone, arrive at the designated time, and entrust our specialists.

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How will our masters create your look?

Makeup artists at the PIED-DE-POULE beauty salon chain will thoroughly cleanse your face before applying any decorative products.

Stages of light makeup:

  • Skin cleansing, moisturizing (toner, lotion, mask if necessary);
  • Makeup base, foundation or sun protection fluid is applied along the massage lines. BB cream has become an excellent alternative and combines sunscreen components, foundation, moisturizing and caring functions, masks and evens out skin tone, and fights signs of aging;
  • If necessary, the skin is additionally matted with mineral powder, and blush of a natural shade is applied to the cheekbones. Correction of the face oval is carried out due to chiaroscuro;
  • Eyebrows are highlighted with powder shadows or special applicators with a paint that should match the main hair color;
  • Eyes are emphasized with shadows of natural, matte colors or a well-shaded pencil;
  • Mascara of brown or gray shade is selected (the conceptual principle of light makeup is naturalness);
  • Apply lip gloss or a neutral lip balm of the appropriate shade.

On average, a PIED-DE-POULE salon master spends about 20 minutes on the entire process. We exclusively use trusted French and American brands, ensuring that the created look remains delightful throughout the necessary duration.

What secrets are used in PIED-DE-POULE?

Light makeup appears natural and subtle when certain nuances are followed. We have been training our makeup artists in the right techniques for years, and now we are ready to share some of the secrets behind flawless makeup.

For instance, sharp color transitions can give an unnatural appearance to the face. Disregard broad, thick lines, black pencils, and distinct boundaries in your makeup.

Tips and advice from our salon's makeup artists and cosmetologists will help you look your best. To avail of our service, get in touch with our customer service manager to schedule a visit at your convenience. We will handle the rest.

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Prices for makeup
Light makeup 115 zł
Daytime makeup 150 zł
Cocktail makeup 185 zł
Evening makeup 290 zł
Special occasions' makeup 360 zł
Extra lashes 45 zł
Makeup course for yourself "Light - daytime" 500 zł
Makeup course for yourself "Daytime + transformation into evening" 750 zł