Combined Manicure

Well-groomed hands are an adornment to one's appearance, a testament to neatness, the ability to take care of oneself, and a sense of style. Combined manicure, incorporating various techniques, offers the opportunity to possess hands that exude confidence and command respect from those around you.

Advantages of a Comprehensive Approach

Unlike daily at-home care, which our fingers require, periodic visits to the salon are still necessary. Here, attention will be given to all areas, ensuring health and complete, safe care.

The expertise of our masters, ensuring consistently high service, state-of-the-art equipment, and exclusive cosmetics, all provide access to the premium beauty industry.

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Individual Approach in Every Case

At PIED-DE-POULE, we advocate for a non-template approach in creating an image. This means that any service will be tailored to your requirements and taking into account the specifics of your physiology, style, and preferences.

Fingers are different for different people. Nail shape, cuticle coarseness, sensitivity, habits - all of these factors must be taken into account by the master to ensure that you leave the salon completely satisfied with the service provided. This is our main task.

We have attentive and experienced professionals in their field working with us, who begin the session with a consultation, detailed diagnostics, and conclude with personally tailored care advice for you.

Safety and Modern Equipment

Trimming manicure, which is included in the combined one, involves the use of mechanical tools. We guarantee their sterility, as well as the complete hygienic nature of the entire procedure.

  • all accessories are disinfected
  • washed by hand with special means
  • sterilized in a hot oven
  • packaged in a craft bag, which is opened in front of you

The specialist also uses advanced models of specialized equipment and a whole range of attachments, from the cutter to the polisher - they eliminate trauma and contact with cutting elements.

How Does the Session Go?

As mentioned earlier, it is important to us that the service takes into account individuality. Therefore, before any manipulations, you will communicate with the specialist, determining the program and sequence of stages.

  1. guest communication and diagnostics
  2. treatment of the working area with a disinfectant
  3. removal of nail polish, if necessary. Nail plate correction
  4. removal or pushing back (European method) of the cuticle (with possible preliminary soaking in a bowl for softening)
  5. third - dry machine method
  6. fourth - use of moisturizing and relaxing cosmetic products

The time is calculated individually and depends on the specific stages. Usually, for men, the session is slightly longer. If the master recommends additional sessions of SPA or paraffin therapy for the fingers, the procedure can take up to 2-3 hours.

Please note that while the specialist is taking care of the fingers, men can simultaneously get a haircut, and women can get a styling or eyebrow correction.

Reasonable Prices for High-Class Services

Furthermore, we strive to ensure that true European service and high-class beauty services are accessible to a wide audience of clients.

  • classic and European
  • trimming and machine
  • with paraffin therapy

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Prices for combined manicure
Head master
Hygienic manicure 80 zł
Manicure with gel polish coating and removal 170 zł
Manicure with French coating and gel polish removal 215 zł
Manicure with a coating (without removal) 145 zł
Strengthening of nails 215 zł
Strengthening of nails 45 zł
SPA Podofarm for hands 70 zł
Express SPA Podofarm for hands 50 zł