Classic Pedicure

Attentiveness to one's appearance, meticulous care - these are guarantees of self-confidence in any situation and with any wardrobe, indicators of neatness, uncompromising style, and precision.

Beautiful Feet: Pleasurable Self-Care

Pedicure becomes a necessity for both men and lovely ladies, as care cannot be partial or selective.

Pedicure is an exceptional procedure during which you can relax and truly enjoy while the master takes care of your feet.

Thanks to salon care:

  • You'll forget what calluses and corns are.
  • The skin will become soft, elastic, and moisturized.
  • Nails will be even and smooth.

Moreover, periodically, at least once a month, devoting professional attention to your feet means taking care of your health, preventing ingrown nails, unpleasant odors, and the formation of rough epidermis.

Gentle care and qualification: the key to excellent service. The classic procedure involves the use of mechanical instruments. With their help, the master corrects the cuticle and nail shape, removes dead layers. To achieve the best results, softening oils and steaming are allowed.

We are all unique, just like our physiology, so it's impossible to offer nail service as a one-size-fits-all solution. Individual features of the arches and toes, health condition, possible defects - means and gentle techniques for eliminating these imperfections are selected.

We are fully confident in our specialists - they are qualified and experienced, attentive and careful, ensuring you enjoy the service, leave the salon satisfied, with a great mood and complete self-assurance.

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Your safety and peace of mind are our priority

Various accessories, implying contact with the skin, are used during the classic service. Despite the fact that the professionalism of the specialist excludes injuries and discomfort, we take meticulous care of the sterility of everything that comes into contact with you.

Accessories undergo triple cleaning and disinfection - in special disinfecting solutions, during manual washing, and at high temperatures in the hot cabinet.

Sealed packages with a ready set of everything necessary are opened in front of the client personally.

During pedicure services, we use products from brands we have tested - premium-class cosmetics from Zuda, Padopharm, Footlogic.

Stages of pedicure: from consultation to recommendations

  • Individuality for each guest is not just words. Therefore, before starting work, the master will conduct a diagnosis and communicate with you in a comfortable environment.
  • Next, you need to prepare for mechanical cleaning. To make the skin pliable and soft, it is steamed. Special oils are rubbed into the cuticle.
  • The next stage is the arch and heel. The layer of calloused skin is removed from them. You will feel nothing but pleasant sensations.
  • Fingers, cuticle, and nails are treated the same way as in manicure - everything is corrected and trimmed.
  • To give you relaxation, at the final stage, the specialist uses creams and lotions.
  • Personalized service is emphasized by a program for home care specially developed for you.

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Prices for classic pedicure
Head master
Partial pedicure 90 zł
Hygienic pedicure (with feet) 130 zł
Pedicure with coating and gel polish removal (with feet) 185 zł
Pedicure with French coating and gel polish removal (with feet) 230 zł
Partial pedicure with gel polish coating and removal (only fingers) 150 zł
Partial pedicure with French coating and gel polish removal (only fingers) 185 zł
Intensive nail repair from Podofarm (pedicure) 240 zł
SPA Podofarm for feet 95 zł
Express SPA Podofarm for feet 70 zł