Microcapsular Hair Extensions

Not every girl can boast of having naturally thick and long hair. However, this problem can be easily solved thanks to modern technologies. Microcapsular hair extensions are suitable even for ultra-short haircuts. They look incredibly natural and require minimal maintenance. Our salon experts are well-versed in all the intricacies of hair extensions, and we invite you to schedule the procedure online.

The Microcapsular Hair Extension Technology

The uniqueness of micro hair extensions lies in the fact that the size of each hair strand is only 2-3 mm. This allows for extending bangs or adding volume to your hairstyle. Due to their small size, the capsules do not exert pressure on the hair, protecting it from tangling or pulling.

With this technology, you can extend your hair up to 80 cm. The capsules are attached to natural hair strands using a hot method. Even thin and weakened hair can handle this weight. The achieved result lasts for 4-6 months.

Advantages of Microcapsular Hair Extensions

Microcapsular hair extensions are suitable for all hair types. The undeniable advantages of this method include:

  • The extended strands blend seamlessly with natural hair.
  • Artificial strands retain their quality even after using shampoos and masks.
  • Capsules remain inconspicuous even during hair regrowth.
  • Minimal need for frequent adjustments.

Additionally, the applied hair strands are color-matched to the client's natural hair, creating a luxurious mane that shimmers in the sunlight and is easy to style. High-quality hair extensions can withstand exposure to seawater, UV radiation, and physical activities. The hair strands look healthy and strong.

The microcapsular method is a safe way to increase hair density without causing damage. The number and length of strands are chosen by the client, with the master's guidance to explore various options. Although the process can be time-consuming, the final results are well worth it.

Micro hair extensions are a highly popular service. Schedule a consultation at our salon, and our qualified specialists will explain all the intricacies of this procedure.

Prices for hair extensions
Hair length
Tape hair extension (1 piece) 70 zł
Capsule hair extension (1 piece) 7 zł
Hair capsulation 1 piece 1 zł
Tape hair extension removal 4 zł
Capsule hair extension removal 2 zł