Eyelash Tinting

Beautiful lashes make your eyes stand out and enhance their beauty. Many women naturally have light-colored lashes. In such cases, adding depth to your gaze can be achieved not only with mascara but also by tinting your lashes with a darker color. Eyelash tinting is one of the most popular salon procedures. It allows you to achieve the perfect lash shade, eliminating the need for mascara in your daily makeup routine.

Advantages of Salon Eyelash Tinting

Salon eyelash tinting offers several significant advantages:

  • Professional lash dyes contain only hypoallergenic substances.
  • Long-lasting tinting dyes are used. With tinted lashes, you can swim, visit saunas, and not worry about smudging.
  • The dye contains beneficial ingredients, providing additional care for your lashes during the tinting process.

Professional tinting dyes are available in a wide range of colors. A specialist can select the ideal shade for both your eyelids and eyebrows. Eyelash tinting is performed by a master who also tints eyebrows. You can have both procedures done in one visit to the salon.

On average, the results of eyelash tinting with dye are visible for about a month. Lashes near the roots and new growth will have a natural light shade. It is recommended to have a touch-up done after about a month and a half. Henna tinting has slightly less staying power than synthetic dyes, so touch-ups may be required more often.

How Does Eyelash Tinting with Dye Work?

Eyelash tinting with synthetic dye is performed using the following algorithm:

  1. The lashes are cleansed of makeup using a special product.
  2. The desired shade of dye is prepared.
  3. A protective cream is applied to the upper and lower eyelids to shield the skin in case of accidental dye contact.
  4. Disposable patches are placed under the eyes along the lower lashes to prevent dye from touching the facial skin.
  5. The dye is applied to the lashes.
  6. Once the dye has developed on the lashes, any excess dye is washed off with warm water.

After eyelash tinting, it is not recommended to visit a sauna or steam room for the first day, as the properties of freshly applied dye may change with an increase in air temperature.

Specifics of Henna Eyelash Tinting

Henna eyelash tinting is becoming increasingly popular due to its natural ingredients and additional lash-strengthening benefits.

The technique for henna eyelash tinting is exactly the same as with synthetic dyes. To create the coloring mixture, henna powder is mixed with warm water. There is a wide selection of henna shades available at the salon. The master can choose the perfect option for women with different appearances.

Prices for eyelash tinting
Eyelash dyeing 70 zł
Eyelash lamination 200 zł
Eyebrows + lashes lamination 350 zł