Nail Extension

Today, achieving beautiful nails no longer requires long and painstaking growth. Thanks to modern technology, you can bypass Mother Nature's whims and opt for nail extensions. This procedure utilizes a special gel that can be shaped once it hardens.

If you're looking for a place to get nail extensions, look no further. Our experienced masters can provide you with professional nail extensions using this technique.

Technology Features

Nail extension technology became possible with the introduction of a special material – UV gel. Its property to harden under ultraviolet light allows for the leveling of the nail plate, achieving the desired length, and shaping it accordingly.

Women love gel manicures for several reasons:

  • High nail strength.
  • Complete correction of imperfections.
  • Glossy shine.
  • The ability to create unique designs for each nail.
  • Long-lasting manicure, ranging from 2 to 4 weeks.
  • No unpleasant odor.

You can get nail extensions, at our salon, at an affordable price, with a professional manicurist.

Accessories Used

For the nail extension procedure, an entire set of products and accessories is required, including:

  • Gel or gel kit.
  • Nail dehydrator.
  • Primer for the initial nail coating.
  • Nail molds for achieving a specific nail shape.
  • Various nail files.
  • Drying lamp.

Additionally, for nail art, various nail polishes and decorative materials such as glitter, rhinestones, and more will be needed.

The Nail Extension Process

If you want to get nail extensions at our salon, it's essential to understand the master's step-by-step process. The procedure takes approximately one hour, so please plan accordingly:

  • Cleaning and filing of the nails.
  • Dehydration of the nails.
  • Application of primer (removes excess moisture) and nail curing under a lamp.
  • Placement of nail forms/molds for shaping the artificial nail plate.
  • Application of gel layer by layer, with each layer being cured under UV light.
  • Final nail shaping – filing and polishing.

The last step of the manicure is the design. Rest assured, our masters will turn your nails into true works of art!

Prices for nail extension
Head master
Nail extensions 1 length 310 zł
Nail extensions 2 length 330 zł
Nail extensions 3 length 360 zł
Nail extensions 4 length 390 zł