Keratin straightening

Constantly straightening curls at home is very damaging to the hair. Straighteners dry out the strands and damage their natural structure. As a result, the hair becomes brittle and dull, losing its healthy appearance. To "tame" and protect unruly hair, hair straightening in the salon was invented.

This is a complex procedure that is performed with the help of multi-component professional products. The effect of keratinization is noticeable immediately and lasts for a long time. The experts in our salon are ready to make your hair manageable and soft. Sign up for the procedure to leave unruly curls in the past.

Who is recommended for keratin straightening?

First of all, keratinization is intended for owners of curly and chaotic wavy hair. Additionally, the procedure will help to manage unruly or overly fluffy strands. Keratin also has a positive effect on thin, damaged hair.

This type of straightening should not be done during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. If there is damage or rashes on the scalp, you should also refrain from the procedure.

Features of keratin straightening

In the salon, keratin straightening begins with washing your hair with a special shampoo. The hair is thoroughly cleaned of dirt, after which a nourishing balm is applied to the strands. Then the curls are dried before applying liquid keratin, after which the master dries them with a hairdryer. To fix the active ingredient inside the cuticle, the hair is straightened with a special device.

As the name implies, the main component of the active ingredient is keratin. It is a protein of natural origin that is an integral part of hair and nails. In addition to it, the preparation used by hairdressers includes vitamins and amino acids, as well as vegetable oils. These substances not only straighten unruly hair but also protect it from adverse external influences.

Advantages of this procedure

Keratinization, the price of which is affordable for every girl, has the following advantages:

  • porous hair instantly becomes smooth;
  • strands are less tangled;
  • it becomes much easier to do even the most non-standard styling;
  • hair is much less electrified;
  • ultraviolet radiation, chlorinated and sea water do not injure the strands as much.

Hair care after keratin straightening is quite simple. Use a sulfate-free shampoo and regularly apply moisturizing masks. It is better to dry your hair with a hair dryer.

Prices for keratin straightening
Hair length
Keratin hair straightening Brazilian Blowout 650 zł