Professional makeup can not only radically change the appearance of any woman, it can give her the opportunity to shine at any special event, as well as become a star in everyday life.

When you need makeup artist services

The main problem is that in our minds, the concepts of "makeup" and "makeup" have somehow become identical. And if every morning we even out our skin tone on our own, eliminate puffiness under the eyes and give our lips a seductive moisture with gloss, then this is makeup.

But when makeup is selected in accordance with a certain type of appearance, color type, facial features, and other features - and also coordinated with the hairstyle, eyebrow correction and coloring options, and the possibility of eyelash extensions - we can talk about makeup.

The services of a makeup artist are most often requested at the PIED-DE-POULE salon before the following important events:

  • family events - weddings, birthdays, christenings, etc.
  • photo shoots - you can make a thematic makeup
  • public speaking - whether it is a report at a professional conference or participation in a show

Sometimes people resort to the services of a professional makeup artist to diversify their lifestyle a bit, to look at themselves from a different angle, and feel a different perception.
Why is this justified?

  1. You have known yourself since birth, applying makeup the way you once used to, not taking into account the fact that with age, the oval of the face changes, the corners of the lips and eyes drop, and the skin condition and color type are also subject to change. A makeup artist sees you "here and now".
  2. The master has a number of special knowledge and skills. He knows which textures are best used in different types of lighting, where there should be no glare on the face, how colors are distorted in studio light or in the evening, etc.
  3. Professional cosmetics used by makeup artists, as well as compliance with the technology of its application, guarantee the durability of the makeup and its anti-reflective properties (which is important at any event where there will be photos).

A photo shoot is another reason to visit a makeup artist, even if it's a family-themed shoot (for example, during the New Year's holidays) or a photo walk. A professional will take into account everything that is important: the combination of the interior and your image, makeup colors, the specifics of the shooting, and much more.

As a result, the photos will preserve your beautiful harmonious image for many years.

How the image is created

So, now we understand that makeup and makeup are not the same thing. Daytime, evening, makeup for photo shoots, and, above all, wedding makeup require a much more thorough approach than just applying makeup on a daily basis.

It's good when a client prepares for a significant event in advance, and the makeup artist has time to choose the right look. Professionals study

  • the shape and features of the client's face, skin tone, hair length and structure, figure;
  • the client's temperament, manner of movement and conversation.

All this is necessary to understand it - to find out which images the client will be able to "embody" in certain circumstances, and which ones he or she should definitely not embody. After all, even if we are talking about, say, a family event, a girl can act here both as a fatal beauty and as a modesty. It remains only to figure out which character will be more organic for her.

When creating an image for photo shoots, we take into account separately

  • the shooting location - a professional makeup artist harmonizes the model's image with the color and texture of the background;
  • harmony of the combination of styles within the frame - for a successful photo, it is important that the model and the environment look organic. The makeup artist will make sure that the image does not stand out from the overall picture.

However, most often clients turn to makeup artists with ready-made wishes for style and image. In this case, the task of the master is to objectively assess how this vision coincides with his professional view and either develop it or tactfully correct the customer.

Makeup services in the PIED-DE-POULE salon

The beauty salon PIED-DE-POULE is pleased to offer its clients professional makeup at affordable prices. You just need to choose a convenient address, the desired service from the list on the website, and make an appointment by filling out a simple form.

As part of the makeup services, the studio's specialists

  • create daytime, cocktail, light or evening makeup
  • work on eyebrows
  • extend eyelashes

The makeup application procedure includes all the traditional steps: cleansing, moisturizing, applying the base, creating the perfect tone. Following these rules provides the skin with the necessary care.

The salon specialists use high-quality hypoallergenic cosmetics from well-known companies. Decorative components are selected depending on the nature of the event and the type of makeup. That is, daytime makeup looks natural in daylight, and evening makeup is focused on bright artificial lighting. And definitely, none of them will "melt" under the sun or indoors.

Trust the professional makeup artists of the PIED-DE-POULE salon. They will select a solemn or casual look, an image for a photo shoot, and with the help of cosmetics, will help you reveal the best facets of your personality. Give yourself a new you!

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