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Perfect manicure
Autoclave IS YESON (medical sterilization) is responsible for the safety
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New Hardware cosmetology in PDP
Advanced technologies for solving a wide range of skin imperfections.
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The beauticians with 20 years of working experience
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PIED-DE-POULE Starting of three PIED-DE-POULE beauty salons in Warsaw.
Top-level franchise of Ukrainian beauty salon in Warsaw!
New Starting of new salons in Kharkiv and Odesa
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PIED-DE-POULE beauty salons in Poland

Welcome to the world of beauty, health & relaxation!
PIED-DE-POULE luxury beauty salon can provide their customers with all kinds of beauty services.

If you are looking for a beauty salon with a great atmosphere, high-level services, branded products and experienced professionals who can satisfy even the most demanding requests – you have come to the right place! We have seen a continuous increase in our regular customers every year, and here are at least five reasons why.

Care in 2/4/6/8 hands

PIED-DE-POULE takes an individual approach to every customer and skillfully performs all services. Our clients can choose one procedure , or they can simultaneously treat their hair, nails, face, eyelashes ,or lips. In the second case,a whole team of professionals will treat you. Complex express services will save your most valuable resource – your time. For instance, in just one hour , you can have a perfect hair styling, flawless manicure , and makeup for either a business or romantic look.

Convenient location

The customers of PDP have the possibility to choose not only a convenient time but also a convenient location, as they can visit a luxury beauty salon in the heart of London or any other location. The entire network of beauty salons (except London and Kyiv; you can also get our services in Kharkiv, Odesa, and Volodymyr) follows uniform regulations, quality, and service standards.

In step with the times

Our hairstylists, cosmetologists, stylists, nail service masters , and massage therapists have received appropriate training and have practical experience. Additionally, we stay up-to-date new beauty-trends and offers from famous brands. Our beauty experts also study new procedures, techniques , and methods annually, including abroad. Thanks to this, our specialists can always assist you in creating a stylish, unique , and fashionable look.

We can offer 150 kinds of different services

We specialize in complex hair coloring techniques, such as dyeing hair from black to blonde and Airtouch. Additionally, we offer exceptional manicure services.

  • We fix hair color mistakes on a daily basis.
  • We restore damaged hair with 10 different treatments and care options.
  • We prepare you for special events.
  • We can completely transform your look or enhance your existing one to emphasize your natural beauty.
  • We help to maintain your beauty and well-groomed appearance.
  • We make every effort for you to feel confident and attractive.
It is a high time to take care for your beauty • It is a high time to take care for your beauty •

Our peculiarities

We use the autoclave IS YESON medical sterilization that is why our customers do not worry about their safety.
We use modern equipment as Dyson hair dryers which do not harm the hair while styling and preserve its natural shine.
We have launched an internal school where we teach high service standards and service provision. It means that if you choose one of the salons of PDP network, you can be sure that you will be treated by real professionals as far as they posses all new techniques of haircuts, manicure and makeup.
We always follow all the new products and then we choose only those cosmetics which give a real result and worth your attention. You can rely on us when choosing a home care.
Our goal is not just to perform a service but also to advise the best option exactly for you taking to account all the individual peculiarities and your style preferences. You can easily trust our specialists your dramatic changes.
We try to provide high-level service so we have a quality control department which you can contact with any of your remarks or suggestions and the managers will immediately solve your problems.
We know that no one wants to spend a lot of time in the salon, so we do 2-3 services at the same time as we try to save your time as much as possible.
We can open the whole salon early if you need to catch an early flight, or vice versa – we can stay more for any time if you have an important event. We will always be happy to help you in a force majeure situation.
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Our customers’ feedback

singer, songwriter
Alevtina Diva Olyvka
Alevtina Diva Olyvka
Dasha Zaryvna
Dasha Zaryvna
communications adviser to the Head of the Office of the President
Vlada Shyshkovska
Vlada Shyshkovska
Alina Herasymova
Alina Herasymova
Evhenia Kahanovych
Evhenia Kahanovych
Vanessa Vynohradova
Vanessa Vynohradova
Nastia Zyma
Nastia Zyma
I have been visiting PIED-DE-POULE for two years already and I am thrilled with the quality of the procedures, all the staff and communication. I like the possibility to always choose the most suitable time for me. Also, thanks to the salon, I never miss any new product of beauty industry and especially products for hair care as far as I enjoy them much!
PIED-DE-POULE beauty salon has been one of my favorite places in Kyiv for many years. I always choose and visit only this salon and I do not go to other places. There is always friendly atmosphere and professionalism of high-level. What is more, there is one significant point: if you come to PDP and you are hungry, the staff can offer you a menu with delicious and healthy food which can be delivered really fast!
I visited PDP for the Balmain hair treatment (we tried to solve the problem of dry hair after lighting into blonde). Hairdresser’s name is Iia. She has told me about hair care and helped me to choose right products for my hair. I am really satisfied with her work. This “ritual” is my chance to grow length again after being blonde and having a bob).
I have been a regular customer of the network of PIED-DE-POULE beauty salons for more than two years. I visit PDP on Shota Rustaveli most often as far as its location is convenient for me. Additionally, my favorite makeup artist, Ira, works there.
I wish to express my gratitude to PIED-DE-POULE! The staff took into account all my wishes concerning the choice of hair color. The result was just wonderful! Also, I had a facial peeling and pedicure – all in all, I liked the service!
I have been visiting this lovely beauty salon for a year already and I am extremely satisfied with service quality. These are the procedures I do on a regular basis! All the specialists always follow my requests! I especially adore a beauty expert whose name’s Maxim. He is just wonderful specialist! I am extremely thankful for the service quality.
I have been regularly visiting PIED-DE-POULE for BRAE hair care for more than a year. Thanks to this procedure I grew health dreamed length of hair. I do styling more often than care. I like that different beauty experts work with me but I always get the same professional services.
I like styling and makeup in PDP. There is always a great atmosphere, I feel as at home. I also get a lot of compliments concerning my styling and makeup on different events. Of course, I always recommend PIED-DE-POULE beauty salon to all of my friends.
I adore PDP. I especially like hairdresser Yana who works in a salon located on Shota Rustaveli Street. After her great work my hair looks stunning and shiny. This is the best salon for me in all respects. There is always a cool atmosphere and friendly beauty experts.
Integrated approach

Extended service list

hairdressing service
Luxury hairdressing service means that we provide all kinds of hair care – from women’s and men’s haircuts and styling to colouring of any complexity as well as hair treatment.
Nail-services : manicure, pedicure, nails extension and nails design.
Professional cosmetology. An experienced doctor will cleanse your face, help to rejuvenate your skin by means of carboxytherapy, offer a manual or hardware peeling as well as do a session of mesotherapy (if necessary) and hair removal. Point injections on your face (including the area around lips) and body will saturate your it with useful substances since such injections improve blood circulation, help to resist the rise of wrinkles and facilitate loss of weight.
Makeup. Visiting our VIP-beauty salon, you can have eyelashes extension, eyebrows dyeing and makeup of course. You can get all kinds of makeup: day/evening or makeup for special occasions. We will care for the beauty and health of your brows and lashes. For those who dream of magnificent long eyelashes, qualified beauty experts of PIED-DE-POULE salons will make a luxurious lashes lamination accordingly to the unique and safe Velvet method.
SPA-services. First of all, beauty is about health. You can come to PIED-DE-POULE beauty salons not only to have a new hairstyle done, cosmetic procedures, cocktail or business makeup. Only highly-qualified massage therapists work in our salons. They know how to improve state of different organs and body systems, enhance metabolism, relieve fatigue and raise mood by means of a gentle massage.

Perfectionism in everypoint –
from the interior to scissors

A comfortable, beautiful, equipped space where any procedure you get - from hair care, makeup to massage – will take place in comfortable conditions for you as a customer. Each of PIED-DE-POULE beauty salons has its own special thing — make an appointment to see it for yourself.

We have a professional team, each member of which knows their business perfectly - whether it is hair colouring with a Hollywood effect, mesotherapy with injections with amino acids and coenzymes or other cosmetic procedure, nails design with metallic covering, vacuum massage or a gentle light makeup. TV presenters, film and show stars regularly come to our beauty specialists, each of whom has a relevant education. This is the best proof of the qualifications of PIED-DE-POULE staff.

We get quality cosmetic products (for makeup, skin and hair care) from proven brands. PIED-DE-POULE beauty salons use cosmetics and special products from world-renowned brands who are leaders in their field. So, during facial care for wrinkles correction and gentle peeling, beauticians use Biologique Recherche and Academie professional cosmetics. Our makeup artists use the best eye and lip products from MAC, INGLOT, and others. You can check with your specialist for a complete list of makeup, injections, colouring, nail covering and other services used.

We use professional and modern tools. In our salons, manual and hardware procedures are performed for which sterile tools and the necessary equipment for hairdressing, cosmetic and massage services are used as well as autoclaves for their processing.

PIED-DE-POULE beauty salons are waiting for you

Visit us and get a “renewed” face, perfect manicure and makeup as well as stunning hairdo, healing massage and a good mood!

Questions & Answers

What kind of facial cleansing is suitable for black spots removal?
Black spots (comedones) are removed using various types of facial cleansing. Using the manual method, the cosmetologist removes them by hand or with a Uno spoon. The session lasts up to 2 hours. During chemical cleansing, a special cosmetic composition is applied to the facial skin and left for some time. The active substance of the composition is weak fruit or other acids. They dissolve comedones and narrow pores. The procedure lasts for 10-15 minutes.
What facial cleansing is the most effective?
The cosmetologist chooses the optimal facial cleansing method for each customer individually which is based on a professional assessment of the current skin condition. Conditions in which any methods are contraindicated are necessarily taken into account. For example, with dilated blood vessels, vacuum cleansing of the skin cannot be performed. Sometimes, you can get the desired effect by using several methods.
How often should facial cleansing be done?
If salon cleansing is performed for preventive purposes, the frequency of the procedure depends on the type of your skin:
  • normal and dry — 1-2 times a year;
  • combined – every 2-3 months;
  • oily – once a month.
With problematic facial skin, a beautician chooses a treatment course based on a professional assessment of its current condition. Cleansing is done every 4-5 weeks.
What facial cleansing is atraumatic?
Low trauma is characteristic feature of all hardware cleansing methods. They are performed using special devices that gently affect the skin. The peculiarity of the procedure is that the effect is visible immediately. Short sessions (10-15 minutes) are performed in gradual way. Hardware facial cleansing includes the following types: ultrasonic, vacuum, galvanic, laser, kisage, etc.
How often should manicure be done?
Manicure is recommended to be done once every three weeks. High-quality nail polish can remain on the nails for more than three weeks. If the shade of the nail polish is not planned to be changed, you can postpone the visit to the nail master. If the nails are layered or broken, they need to have additional care apart from manicure. Applying special restorative and strengthening compositions will help to solve the problem.
Types of trendy manicure
The following types of manicure are the most popular:
  • European — a special oil or gel is used to soften and dissolve the cuticle.
  • Japanese – a special tool is used to soften and remove the cuticle. Paste is rubbed into the nail plate which contributes to its leveling and strengthening. Then nail plate is powdered and nail masters apply a fixing serum.
What type of manicure is in fashion?
A fashionable trend is a manicure decorated with shiny elements and both very small particles and large ones can be used. Depending on the purpose, the manicure can be supplemented with glitter, foil, acrylic powder, etc. The design can be different: holes covered with precious metals, a line of glitter painted along the nail or diagonally.
How to strengthen the nails?
Switch to the hardware type of manicure. During the procedure, the nail master, using the nozzles of a special device, delicately processes the nail roller and cleanse the keratinized layer of the cuticle, gives the nails the desired shape and polishes the nail plate. If a customer wants to strengthen the nails, they are not covered with colourful nail polish but with a three-phase restoring gel.
What women's haircuts are fashionable?
The following haircuts are in trend:
  • Cascade is the most fashionable haircut for long and medium-length hair. It can be done without a fringe and with oblique elongated bangs with a “ragged” effect.
  • Basic bob – haircut for medium and short hair length. A graduated basic bob with asymmetry and when your neck is totally open are in fashion.
  • Bob – with the following variations: bangs, asymmetry and a light wave or curls.
  • Short bob (bob-caret) – with bangs and elongated front strands.
How to choose a haircut for short hair?
A fashionable basic bob haircut is suitable for women with straight and curly hair. If the hair is thin, choose a bob with a shortened hair on the crown and strands of different lengths. Another hit is a pixie haircut with short hair on the sides and back of the head and longer strands on the crown. Due to its multi-layering, the haircut is suitable for any type of hair and makes a woman look at least five years younger.
Kinds of women's haircuts performed with a clipper
One of the fashionable trends in women's hairstyles is haircut performed using a clipper which will result in a buzz cut with a hair length of several millimeters. A fashionable hairstyle accent is hair colouring in a light tone. A pixie haircut is in fashion in which the temples and back of the head hair is cut with a clipper. The remaining hair is given the effect of torn textured strands and the hairstyle has a multi-layered structure.
Comfortable haircuts for medium-length hair
Fashionable and at the same time convenient women's haircuts for medium-length hair are:
  • Basic bob — graduated or with asymmetry;
  • Bob — with asymmetry or bangs;
  • Short bob (bob-caret) — with elongated front strands or bangs of any length;
  • Cascade — without bangs or with oblique elongated bangs with a “ragged” effect.
Colouring the strands with any highlighting technique will enhance the effect of carelessness in any of the described haircuts.
Types of men's haircuts
Men's hairstyles include several options. Let's consider the most popular types of hairstyles:
  • classic – box, semi-box, ''beaver'', ''Canadian'' and ''British'';
  • sportive – performed with a clipper with different hair lengths as well as under “zero”;
  • romantic – performed on long and medium-length hair: bob, ''shooter'', ''curtains'', graduated bob.
What men's haircuts are in trend now?
According to stylists, a fashionable trend for men's haircuts is the combination of long strands on the crown and back of the head with short-cut or shaved temples. Such types of haircuts will not lose their relevance the next few years. They have many variations. Also, you can completely transform the hairstyle and appearance generally with the help of styling which makes it universal.
Types of men's haircuts for long hair
There are two types of men's haircuts for long hair:
  • symmetrical – haircuts in which the hair on the sides has the same length;
  • asymmetrical – cascading haircuts with gradation and a clear separation of the tips in which the hair on one side is much longer than on the other.
Fashionable men's haircuts for long hair are classic, cascade, ''pompadour grunge'' and ''pompadour''.
Classic haircuts for men
The most popular classic men's haircuts: Box resembles a helmet. The hair on the temples and the lower part of the back of the head is shaved with a clipper, and on other parts of the head it is cut short with scissors. Half-box — distinguishing features: there is longer hair on the back of the head and a low edging. Using a clipper – the haircut is performed by means of a clipper, so the hair on the whole head is of the same length.
Types of model haircuts for boy
One of the trends in model haircuts for young gentlemen is adult haircuts. Fashionable men's haircuts such as box, semi-box, ''Canadian'', ''gavroche'', ''garson'' and ''pompadour'' look very stylish on children. Also, the ''dragon boy'' haircut has not lost its relevance. The most fashionable haircut for curly hair is a bob. It can be of any length. Haircuts with and without bangs of various lengths and shapes are in fashion.
What are fashionable children's haircuts for girls?
Fashionable and at the same time comfortable haircuts for young princesses: Page – suitable for owners of thick and straight hair. The shape of the haircut is similar to a cap – straight bangs blend harmoniously with longer strands of hair. ''Ladder (lesenka)'' is a fashionable haircut made with and without bangs. The most current options for bangs are straight or oblique with a “ragged” effect. Bob is a classic haircut performed without bangs but variants with bangs are also in fashion.
Short haircuts for children
If you choose a short haircut for a girl, consider that a ''boyish'' haircut is not in fashion now. Stop your choice on short options of a basic bob or short bob (bob-caret) haircut. They can be with bangs or without it. Fashionable short haircuts for boys with straight hair are box and buzz cut (beaver). If your baby has curly hair, choose one of the most fashionable haircuts – a short bob.
Basic bob for children
One of the fashion trends is a basic bob haircut both for girls and boys. Moreover, the haircut has many interpretations. Very short options have come into fashion – with a length at the level of the earlobe. Two trends in women's hairstyles have moved into children's hairstyles: asymmetry and ''leg'' (open neck) in the back of the head. The haircut looks good without fringe on wavy hair and with unique bangs on straight hair.