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We are an international brand PIED-DE-POULE is a chain of beauty salons. We are currently looking for a master hairdresser-colourist.

  • When you get a haircut or colouring you get high from the process. This is important to us, because our goal is not just to provide services, but to do the style, so that our clients were in incredible delight with the new image that is properly selected and implemented.
  • It is important for you not just to perform the service, you feel responsible for your guest’s hair not just today, but for the long term. You embrace the idea that “now I’m going to do your hair, your hair is my face”.
  • You may not have a lot of experience, but you have the basic knowledge (you know exactly the technique of how to cut a bob and you know and understand the whole basis of colouristry and know the tone level scale and neutralisation schemes). You can perform any haircut and colouring, while you continue to learn and hone your skills.
  • You are a professional and have an exceptional sense of taste.

We are looking for people who are passionate and love their profession to join the team, so if you want to earn at the top end of the market and “play in the big leagues”, welcome to an interview.

We’ll give you lots of clients, a large marketing department in our back office is working on that. And your job will be to make them happy with the service, and the service. Make it so that after your service clients become regulars and recommend us to their loved ones. Also you will have all modern tools (except personal scissors). Working with clients will be a pleasure also because you will have all the leading brands of cosmetics at your disposal.

Many masters working with us, quickly enough gain a good base of clients and go to a good income. This is the result of systematic improvement of skills, qualifications and knowledge of customer service. Within the company we teach this. Every month your director will provide you with indicators of your productivity, the most important of which will be the return of guests to you.

Terms and Conditions

We give the rate for the first time (while you build up a base of clients, so that the transition to a new place of work went smoothly and you had confidence). The amount of the rate, and in the future the percentage is negotiated at the interview.

We will offer you to pass the test work after which you will have a personal file with a description of your strengths and weaknesses.

  • If you are a strong and experienced craftsman, we will give you the maximum percentage (and an assistant on request).
  • If your level is intermediate, we’ll outline a training plan for the year ahead.
  • If you are just starting out, we will offer you to become an assistant to a top master and learn for free.

Work schedule

Schedule 2/2 from 9.00 – 21.00 possible consideration of an individual schedule (discussed at the interview)


  • In-house school training from the top masters of the network.
  • Special prices for services and goods for you and your family.
  • Opportunity to work in any salon of our network.

Career and prospects

Every master has the opportunity to go through these stages of development with us:

  • assistant
  • master
  • leading master
  • art director
  • network teacher

Once on our team you will inevitably grow as a professional. Send your CV and get in touch, an exciting new chapter in your professional career begins.

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